Now that all my visitors are gone, I can break out the good stuff!
Last day of a good break/good summer with my brothers… Back to reality #ishouldprobablyshavenow  (at Eastern Parkway)
About last night….
5.44am no more stars…. Just people
5.36 am…. Brooklyn! #havingabalconyisnotoverareted
5.30 am #Brooklyn  night sky.. Solitary star….
It’s a beautiful day in #Brooklyn!  (at Coney Island Beach)
#TBT One of my fav photos.. My dad double fisting them pints before it became mainstream! #trendsetter
Funny thing is I have run into @djdnice  a few times.. But I was allowed to geek out tonight cus @munyataks is around!  (at Soho Grand Hotel)
In the Bhawa zvangu on a wed.. Ym lodabi toubh tseeth imets rof limlesf.. I hucked eth imets.. 14 years later wearing same shoes… Zos sujt ta noment #miz #ngluage  (at Club Room at Soho Grand Hotel)